What’s Included

This new Tippmann Arms assault rifle is revolutionising the airsoft industry. Tippmann are a leading manufacture of paintball guns, they have build their new airsoft rifle using proven paintball marker technology. The gun is powered by high pressure air (HPA) that is connected via a very small air cylinder.  HPA ensures that every shot that is fired has the maximum power with no drop out. The weight and feel is very close to an actual firearm, complete with recoil this is very realistic to use.

50 round extended magazine. Use in the Siege Sub Game

All your ammo is included within the price of your game. The Blaster BB is one of the best projectiles on the market, each BB has a special coating for improved smoothness ensuring no loss of compression when shooting.

Vest: You will be issued with a military jump plate carrier that has a special foam insert for added protection and comfort.  Each body armour has a number of pouches attached for carrying smoke grenades and magazines.

Gloves: Armoured gloves are suppled in sized Medium and X-large.

Armband: Each team has a colour for identification.

Magazines: All games include free ammo, we use mid-cap magazines that hold 150 rounds each. Two magazines are issued as standard to each player. Ammo is reloaded for each mission.

We use CE Marked Steel Mesh eye and face protection. This is a combination of eye goggle and face shield which allows a comfortable fit.

Because the mesh system is contured to your face it allows you to place your cheek on the butt stock of the rile allowing you to use the sights more effectively. Mesh also prevents fgging up during wet of humid days, however if you prefer to wear a conventional paintball mask we have them. Helmets are also available.

We have 3 colours of mesh available which are used as team identification.

Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with BB’s launched via replica firearms called airsoft guns. The actual projectiles are small round plastic pellets weighing only 0.25g. These small airsoft BB’s do not leave the large bruises or greasy mess that’s associated with paintball.

Our airsoft games operate throughout the year, these run mainly at weekends. WarFighters have raised the bar on rental airsoft gaming and have invested heavily in the highest quality weapons and equipment. We want to offer you an outstanding experience combined with unbeatable value. Our aim is always to exceed your expectations.

Our games all feature a simple mission objective that your team needs to complete. We run a duel scoring system where you can win points for completing objectives, and bonus points for eliminating the enemy team.
We want you to have fun, so don’t worry if you’re the first person to get shot during a mission. At the beginning of each game we allow a period of 4mins for you to re-spawn and get back into the action. Missions run for 14 minutes with a short reloading break in-between.

Events run from 10:30am – 3:30pm. After being collected from our main car park and driven to the game zone (3 mins by Landrover) you will be kitted up and subjected to a short induction covering weapons handling, Health & Safety and gaming rules. Then it’s straight into the action until closing time. How many games you get in is down to the group and turn around times.

Our equipment is heavy and unsuitable for younger players. We can accommodate players fro the age of 15 years old. (14 years by arrangement).

landrover110Extra Game Info and Tips (The Bit No-One Reads)
If you are the group organiser you need to share this information with your crew:

  • Please be onsite at the main car park before 10:30am an ONLEY GROUNDS
  • Bring some comfortable, but sensible footwear. The grounds are uneven
  • If you have some cool wrap around sunglasses or safety specs you can wear them as an alternative to our mesh goggles
  • Pack a hoodie, jumper, something that will cover your arms
  • Bring a beanie or baseball cap to protect the front of your head from BB’s
  • Bring a small packed lunch with plenty to drink
  • We have a onsite safe to lock away phones and wallets
  • The games are inclusive, however you can buy smoke and flash grenades to throw, we also a small tactical shop onsite
  • We supply paintball armoured gloves, but again you can bring your own or buy a better pair onsite
  • DONT go down the M45 southbound (SAT NAV postcode trap), there’s no turnaround and you will have to drive to Jun 16 on the M1 and come back, will kill your fuel and add 40 mins sightseeing to your journey

IT’S ONLY £55.00 p/p to play