Rainbow Six – Chris Ryan Video

You Tubers get the SAS treatment @ WarFighters

chrisryanIn early September we started to receive a number of phone calls from various video production companies. They wanting information about our site, and our gear as they they we all making a pitch for a AAA video game title. Making an educated guess we knew it was for Ubisoft and the forthcoming Rainbow Six Siege game.

Years back we had a unique co-branding agreement with Ubisoft where we offered customers the chance to play Rainbow Six for real, well as real as it gets playing with paintball guns. We hosted the official launch preview of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, for which we constructed a purpose built killing house, that after 6 years was used in this latest video.

Maverick Films secured the contract for the new Rainbow promotional video, and after some pre-meetings we managed to deliver something very special.

Luckily for Ubisoft we knew where there was a disused 747 that was due to be scrapped by its owners. This presented a golden opportunity to recreate the 747 mission as featured in the game. 

To date, no one has ever pulled this off.

Ubisoft managed to acquire the services of Chris Ryan. Chris is a former member of the Special Air Service and was involved in the famous Bravo Two Zero mission. He is now a successful author with titles like Strikeback to his name.

Chris was great fun to be around with his dry military sense of humour. Our MD played his 2IC in the video and together they had to train three Youtube celebrities.

Being old generation these Youtube kids were hardly the norm and as you can see in the video the poor dears got put through the grinder.

The video has generated some great press for Ubisoft and it was our pleasure to be first on the list to contact when they thought about rainbow Six in the flesh.

WarFighters have worked on the official Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 launches. Rainbow Six Siege without a doubt has been the best to date!