Rainbow Six – Siege – London


Ubisoft contacted us to assist with the european preview for Rainbow Six Siege. 3-10 Shoreditch High Street was codenamed, The Venue.

Within its old walls Ubisoft, the publishing house behind the Rainbow Six games franchise, had created the ultimate Team Rainbow experience.

WF Crew aka Rainbow Six

Big Phil Meets Team Rainbow. In the heart of London’s East End, passers by were completely unaware that Team Rainbow had set-up their new headquarters.

The venue was a mixture of walkways and rooms containing all kinds of military props from ammo boxes to missile crates. An indoor shooting range, kill house, interrogation rooms, presentation theatre and gamers hall containing 50 PC’s LAN really set the scene.

The atmosphere was amazing, damp and dark with white walls containing jet black imagery and branding. Rainbow Six logo’s were plastered all around. The main gaming hall contained huge hanging posters of the UK SAS characters. The event was the official european press preview for the game. Film crews, bloggers and press attended from all over.

WarFighters were contracted to provide the Team Rainbow element. A 14 strong crew was assembled to manage the range, CQB arena and to act as guards.

Attendees were greeted by two fully armed and black kitted guards on the door. These guys had iPad hand scanners which the attendees needed to use in order to gain entry to the HQ. The scanners were rigged and undesirables could be denied entry. These unfortunate individuals were taken away by armed guards and searched. Oddly, each detained person was found to be carrying either C4 or hand grenades. These were of course planted by our search team, but generated the anticipated look of shock, horror and surprise.

Next up was the range. All participants were instructed in basic weapons handling or handgun and rifles. Each were assigned a target and allowed to shoot under the guidance of the range instructor. Those who preformed well could progress to the CQB area; those that failed were returned to the games area to brush up on their skills.

The CQB area was a series of old rooms that made up the Kill House. One section was in fact Ripper Ally, where Jack claimed his last victim but the whole place was eerie as hell.

Trainees were instructed on how to move through each room, most had a shield man working with them. Hidden in each room was a number of enemy soldiers and the trainees’ job was to shoot each of them using techniques gleamed from the game. At the end of the route was a trap, 99% of all trainees fell for the ambush.

Big Phil Campion (former SAS) trooper took on the role of instructor for one run through and really put the guys through their paces.

During the closed hours the WF Crew got to play on the game, some were wearing full gear and gas masks, which was a little surreal.

So what’s next?
WarFighters are going to introduce an airsoft game format based on Rainbow Six Siege. Keep an eye out for further updates as this is going to be BIG.