Tank Combat

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WarFighters is introducing a new combat game that’s totally groundbreaking!
Tank Combat. The game uses real tanks that are armed to the teeth with laser weapon technology, and you get the opportunity to command them.

We started working on this project back in early 2014. What was seemed to be a great idea at the time would throw a number of challenges our way. Our first intention was to use the old FV-432 APC’s that were stored at the WF Battlefield because these are very easy for most people to drive. A decision was made that if this game was to be unique we had to devise a game that no one has done before. The 432’s date back to the 60’s and are rather retro, if we were going to adapt cutting edge laser technology the tanks would need to be current.
The problem with new tanks is that they are very complicated to drive, so by introducing them we would need to have a dedicated and trained driver. So by default Tank Combat could never be a tank driving experience.

The first APC’s we acquired were Spartan class CVRT, the milan missile versions. After showing them off to the many customers that have attended our paintball games we realised that they are extremely difficult for most heavy built people to crawl in and out off. So we decided that a larger tank was required. Just by luck we managed to aqurie a number of Stormer class APC. These are real bad boys, very large and fitted with hydraulic “aircraft” like seating. With these new tanks in place we knew that the game would accommodate most people.

Each tank is fitted out with a weapons platform. Each platform is controlled by one of the two crew members. These consist of a GPMG heavy machine gun and a 8 way rocket bank. The gpmg will fire on fully automatic, but will overheat during prolonged fire. The rockets once fired have to be re-armed at a supply depot.

Armour is allocated to each vehicle and every time its hit a level is depleted. Once you run out of armour your vehicles stops and a red smoke is released. The vehicle is only immobilised for 10 seconds, after that it will re-boot and re-armed. There are three massive 800w speaker systems installed. One for the gpmg, the other for the rocket system and the last for the tanks armour.
A really neat feature is the near miss effect. If the enemy shoot at you and miss you will hear their missile fly pass.

One player will act as the commander, the other as a gunner and look out.
The commander has a set of CCTV screens to view forward, left, right and rear. The forward screen acts that the rocket sighting system. There are also a number of travel routes screens which the commander can direct the driver to take.
The gunner as a series of periscopes in a turret to look through, this can rotate and allow the gpmg to target an enemy tank. Half way through the game the gunner and commander will swap around.

Each tank has three people playing (additional passenger seats will be fitted). The commander and gunner are situated in the mail hull of the vehicle and the driver is seated in a separate compartment. Communications are relayed using helmets with built-in commutations system. This allows clear communications between all crew members and dampens the noise of the engine.

The home of tank paintball is just up the road to us. We completely respect the innovation and hard work they put in to create such a great game. We had no intention of replicating their game format. In tank paintball you take turns at driving the tank around the outside of a field, then arming the paintball gun and firing it from a stationary spot.  That’s not what our game is about. Our game is dynamic as you are on the move all the time using the travel routes. Our drivers will prevent any collisions but you will encounter enemy tanks coming at you from all directions. WarFighters tank combat is about creating that adrenal rush or kill or be killed. Our aim is to make it action packed fun from start to finish.


Our R&D has delayed the project, and all for some great reasons. The gun system is now going to be awesome
, the progress bar needs to hit 100% on all areas. Once we have completed the work the bookings page will open.

We are going to run a number of preview games this year, there will only be very limited places and we expect them to sell out quickly. As a special offer we are going to give you twice the game time. This offer will never be repeated. If you want first dibs on this then please subscribe to our newsletter as they get booking priority.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]