WarFighters Paintball & Laser Games

All Games Are Fully Inclusive

We offer something special at WarFighters, something that will make your stag party special. We guarantee that you won’t find another combat games company in the UK that can offer what we do.  All of our games are fully inclusive, we don’t get you in the door and then pressurise you to upgrade your gun, buy a set of gloves or extra ammo. Instead, we include the lot in one fixed price with zero hidden extras. Our equipment is excellent, everything is of high quality from your protective gear, uniform, combat vest and weapon system. Even our paintballs are high grade, with a perfect round surface to ensure they fly true and don’t break inside the barrel.  Our team is completely dedicated towards ensuring you have the best possible day out. We don’t overcrowd our events either and many stag parties can opt for a private game. At WarFighters you get exclusivity, high quality gaming and affordable fun. You can trust us to deliver an awesome experience.

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